Friday, August 10, 2007


“We’ve spent a lot of time helping men understand what integrity means,” said Dr. Tom Fortson, president and CEO of Promise Keepers. “Now it’s time to show our communities what men of integrity act like.”

Promise Keepers has continued its practice of local food drives at all of its “Energizing Men of Integrity” event venues in 2007. On Friday night, emcee Reggie Dabbs reminds the men to bring as much food as they can carry on Saturday morning for local faith-based food banks, and it’s happening!

So far in 2007, nearly 17,000 pounds of food has been collected at the doors of Promise Keepers arenas.

Summer is a difficult time for community service organizations, as supplies run low and regular donors are away during the summer. This affects both food banks and blood banks, which have especially lean stores due to summer accidents and the need for emergency blood supplies.

Cooperating with the local chapters of the American Red Cross and Florida’s Blood Centers, 135 units of blood has been donated by Promise Keepers attendees already this summer.

Way to go, guys! Keep it up.

Saturday, August 4, 2007

Thank You For Your Service

Dear Team PK Nashville,

In the two weeks that have passed since Promise Keepers Nashville 2007, I have wrestled with how to adequately say thank you, thank you, and thank you for the final time as we experienced an incredible weekend of fellowship and friendship. Then, I realized that although the conference has passed, what took place will live on from here throughout the rest of eternity as evidenced in the changed lives of the men and their families, and the multiplied lives that will be touched all because you cared enough to love them and serve them. The final word for this conference, like other Promise Keepers conferences, is the indelible Word of God that was written into the hearts of thousands of our friends and neighbors in Middle Tennessee, so many for the very first time.

The numbers were incredible…………..148 new brothers written into the Lamb’s Book of Life………..176 rededications to continue the journey and re-engage the battle as Christ followers…………. numerous prayer requests that were lifted up in the Prayer Room, the Prayer Booth, and on commitment cards received by our evangelism team……….over 2 tons of food gathered to serve the homeless and destitute of our community through Second Harvest Food Bank…………..58 pints of life giving blood to the Middle Tennessee Red Cross…………..over 800 volunteers selflessly giving of their time and talent to provide the over 9,000 men and boys in attendance a fresh new encounter with Jesus Christ.

But as you know, the numbers do not reflect everything that is worth counting. The conference brought thousands of us together in a new sense of Christian community and knit our hearts together cross-culturally and cross-denominationally. The power of that unity strengthens us to continue the battle for men’s souls well after the lights have gone off, the crates have been loaded, and the trucks have left for future destinations. The saving message of the Gospel, that Christ has instilled in our hearts, calls us to greater service to usher in the coming of His Kingdom.

The conference was a refreshing and reverberating call to discipleship. I think I can speak for many more than myself when I say that Promise Keepers jolted me out of my everyday religious comfort zone and reminded me of the revolutionary call of Jesus Christ. It was a call to prayer, a call to the power of prayer, a call to the necessity of prayer. The conference was a call to leave ourselves and to touch others. Never are we as strong as when we are on our knees before a Holy God in confessing that apart from Him, we can do nothing.

There are many who say that after 17 years, the impact of Promise Keepers is waning. To those who are merely observing from the outside as armchair spectators and scribes of history, Promise Keepers is described as a ministry whose better days are behind it and whose run has come to its inevitable conclusion, like all other religious fads that come and go. Yes the crowds are smaller and the dates are fewer, but don’t ever mistake the impact this move of God has had and will continue to have in our lives and in the lives of all who have been touched by it………over 6 million men and counting.

If Coach Mac were writing this, he would be the first to give God the glory. I am thankful that God allowed me to witness His power in the ministry that is Promise Keepers. No matter what the future holds for PK, whether it moves forward in its present form or if God turns the page to an exciting new dawn, don’t be discouraged that it has passed, but rejoice because it has happened.

So it is with humble gratitude that I thank you for your willingness to be the eyes, ears, feet and loving arms of the Father during the months before and after those miraculous two days.

But it is not over! The final word is not written. The lasting impact of Promise Keepers has just begun because many of you are continuing to allow God to use you to touch your community. God is continuing to reap the harvest planted during the past five months. The ripple effects are still moving through Middle Tennessee, adding daily to the growing family of God. May we continue to allow God to use us for His glory.

Because He came and is coming again, to Him be all honor and glory forever and ever! Let us toss our crowns before the throne of Jesus Christ! For He is worthy!

By His abundant grace,

Tim Richards
Assistant Event Director & Volunteer Staff Representative
Promise Keepers Nashville 2007
Mobile (615) 319-7150 Home (615) 302-3606
E-mail at

Friday, July 27, 2007

Nashville PK Energizes Fathers, Sons, Brothers

9000 men donate blood, food for local charities

Nashville, July 23, 2007 – At Promise Keepers in Nashville this past weekend, 9,000 men connected over issues of adventure, truth, life and death, brotherhood and the mystery of women. They left the Sommet Center prepared to engage their families, workplaces and communities with a practical and visible Christian faith. Dr. Tom Fortson, president and CEO of Promise Keepers, challenged the attendees to put their faith into practice. “Promise Keepers began as a movement, and is now a movement with a mission. We want to help men demonstrate integrity in action.”

Notes and quotes from the event

Integrity Music’s PK7 and worship leader Stephen Newby tuned up the crowd with up-tempo praise and worship music throughout the event. The 2007 collection of music Promise Keepers is called Energizing.

As the book world celebrates the final installment in the Harry Potter series, Nashville-based politically incorrect comedian Brad Stine took on witches. “School kids in Washington had to cancel their Halloween costume party because a local member of Wicca was offended by the stereotype of pointy hats and brooms. Don’t they have a potion for that?”

Citing 2006 research on the decreasing number of friends in the U.S., Bishop Joseph Garlington ( addressed “The Significance of Connecting with a Few Other Men.” “We are a part of the whole, and we won’t function apart from the whole,” said Bishop Garlington.

Bishop Larry Jackson helped men understand the “Heart of a Woman.” “She wants your ears, men. So many arguments are caused when you try to solve the problem before you have heard the problem.”

Community Impact

On Friday afternoon, fifty-eight (58) productive units of blood were raised in the lobby of the Sommet Center. The Tennessee Valley Region of the American Red Cross organized the blood drive, and 50 men were first-time blood donors.

On Saturday morning, Nashville conferees and church vans brought cases and cases of food to the arena. The 4,780 pounds of food filled a truck from Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee and restocked the shelves during typically lean summer months.

Friday at Sommet Center

As a professional adventurer, Bob Cornuke ( admits many people don’t understand his work. “When you look for Noah’s ark, people think you have tin foil wrapped around your head and you’re looking for the mother ship,” he says. But Cornuke isn’t just chasing adventure. He says he’s out to prove the accuracy of scripture. In looking for the shipwreck of the Apostle Paul, an event described in detail in the Book of Acts, Cornuke says, “The precision of scripture is amazing. If you follow its clues, you won’t just find fantastic objects. You’ll find it’s a roadmap for life.”

Chair-throwing evangelist Adrian Despres tackled hypocrisy among Christians. “Evidence number one of being a Christian is your love, joy and peace,” Despres said. “The other evidence is the conviction of sin.” Among those raised in a Christian home, 176 men rededicated their lives to Jesus Christ. Another 148 men, young men and boys made first-time decisions to follow Jesus Christ with their whole lives.

from Promise Keepers

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Promise Keepers Nashville 2007

Men Gather 9500 Strong for Promise Keepers at the Sommet Center...

Many thanks for the hard work from all of the volunteers - hundreds of women, youth and men gave of their time to facilitate the third stop on the seven conference schedule... more to come!

Click here to visit the Nashville 2007 Flickr set for more photos!

Friday, July 20, 2007

* PARKING UPDATE for Volunteers *

LifeWay Christian Resources has generously offered our volunteers the free use of three of their parking lots during the conference. Parking is at your own risk and neither Promise Keepers nor Lifeway Christian Resources is responsible for any damage or theft regarding your vehicle or personal property. In order to honor their generosity and not abuse the privilege, please adhere strictly to the directions below:

NORTH LOT – corner of 10’th Ave N & Church Street

(Available all day Friday and Saturday - first come, first served)

FROST LOT – between 8’th & 9’th Ave at Commerce St

(Available after 4 PM on Friday and all day Saturday – first come, first served)

10’th Ave Visitor’s Lot – corner of 10’th Ave & Commerce St

(Available after 4 PM on Friday and all day Saturday – first come, first served)


Please place the placard below in plain view on your dash board and pencil in your mobile number in case of emergency!



Mobile Phone # ___________________

Please remember to bring your volunteer liability form so we can speed you through volunteer check-in and onto your assignment. Please be sure to show up 30 minutes before your shift assignment. Thank you for your service and sacrifice to reach the men for Jesus Christ.

Proudly serving with you,

Tim Richards
Assistant Event Coordinator
Promise Keepers Nashville 2007

In just a few hours...

Schedule & Important Details

Schedule & Important Details

Things You Need to Know

Conference Times*
Friday - Doors open at 5:00 p.m.
Friday - Program runs 6:30 - 10:00 p.m.
Saturday - Doors open at 7:30 a.m.
Saturday - Program runs 9:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

*All times are approximate.

There is no box lunch provided on Saturday

Wear your wristband to the event. It is required for entry. It’s mostly waterproof, so you can shower with it on (please).

Parking fees will be determined by each parking facility. We encourage you to carpool to save on parking costs. Public parking may be limited.

Men with special needs will find reserved areas at the events that are wheelchair accessible.

Spanish language translation is provided at all events. Spanish language headsets are available at no charge at the arena.

ASL interpreters will be provided at all events. For more information, please call Promise Keepers Customer Service at 866-PROMISE (8:00am -8:00pm, M-F, MT).

There are no refunds on registrations. If you are unable to use your registration, please consider donating it to a local church.

If you lose or forget your wristband you will be required to pay a replacement fee of $5.00.

For specific conference information and updates, or for additional registrations, please call 866-PROMISE (8:00am - 8:00pm, M-F, MT).

Theme T-shirts, Worship CDs and other PK merchandise are available for purchase at each conference.

What should I bring?
A Bible, pen, a friend and an open heart.

What should I not bring?
Coolers, cans, glass or plastic bottles, umbrellas, tape recorders, or video cameras. Professional photo/video equipment must have media credentials. Due to heightened security at most venues, backpacks, briefcases, etc. may not be allowed. Visit your venue’s website for specific information on prohibited items.

On Saturday morning, bring non-perishable food items (hey, bring a case even!) for a local Christian food bank.

*** Registrations are Non-Refundable ***